7 Principles for Making Marriage Work


Presented By:

The Seven Principles for making Marriage Work Leaders:

Jennifer Rioux, Registered Psychologist

Jessica Hood, Life Coach

Upcoming Workshop

Saturday June 1st, 2019


Investment Cost

$300.00 per couple. Fees may be covered through your benefit plan.

The Workshop:

Over 40 Years of research with over 3000 couples has distinguished Drs. John and Julie Gottman as premier voices in relational health worldwide. The internationally acclaimed book, The 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work, is the cumulative summary of these decades of scientifiacally validated insights and proven results. The Gottman 7 Principles workshop aids couples in deepening their friendship, managing conflict successfully, honouring each others dreams and creating shared meaning.

This workshop is appropriate for couples contemplating engagement, pre-marital couples and those in a commited relationship. It is psycho-educational and is intended for couples who wish to enhance and enrich their relationship. This workshop is not suitable for relationships in extreme distress or where there is a current domestic abuse concerns.

What You Will Gain

* A deeper knowledge of your partner; *An understanding of factors thaqt contribute to divorce; * Skills shown to improve quality or relationships; * A roadmap for conflict management; * Strategies to bring lasting positive change to your relationship


Included in your registration are two couple guides that outline all the exercises covered in the workshop and a copy of the book 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work.